Advance Authorisation Scheme

Advance Authorisation Scheme (Duty Free Import of Inputs)

Under Foreign Trade Policy Chapter 4 Advance Authorisation is issued to allow duty free import of input raw material, which is physically incorporated in export product. In addition fuel, oil, catalyst which is consumed/utilized in the process of production of export product may also be allowed. Advance Authorisation is issued for inputs in relation to resultant product, basis-As per Standard Input Output Norms[SION] notified (available in Hand Book of Procedures)On the basis of self declaration as per Hand Book of Procedures.

Eligible Applicants For Advance Authorisation

Advance Authorisation can be issued either to a manufacturer exporter or merchant exporter tied to supporting manufacturer. Advance Authorisation for pharmaceutical products manufactured through Non Infringing(NI) process shall be issued to manufacturer exporter only. Advance Authorisation shall be issued for –

  • Physical export (including export to SEZ).
  • Intermediate supply.
  • Supply of stores on board of foreign going vessel /aircraft, subject to condition that there is specific Standard Input Output Norms in respect of item supplied.

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